House Washing

It is always best to get a professional when doing house washing. Pro Property Maintenance makes sure to effectively and safely clean your home to not only improve the appearance of the outside of your home, but also keep it from becoming damaged. Your home tends to gradually become dirty from bugs, spiders, dirt, and rain so it is best to regularly have your home cleaned to keep it looking nice. We use safe cleaning products and low pressure to not damage anything.

We recommend to have your home cleaned once a year or every two years. Three main reasons to have your home cleaned regularly are for structural, health, and aesthetics. Having mold and mildew growing on your home will destroy your home. It also enters your home through any open doorways, windows, vents, air conditioning systems. Mold will grow much quicker and multiply in a warm and moist area which is why it is important to clean the outside of your home before this happens. It feels nice to have a home which always looks clean and fresh from stains.