Roof Cleaning NJ

Pro Property Maintenance is a gutter and roof cleaning company in NJ. It is important to have your roof cleaned regularly to stop the damage being caused by the stains. Algae and moss feed off the material which is in your shingles so it is important to clean them regularly to get them off. If they eat through your shingles too much then it will cause your wood to rot causing mold growth in your home which causes serious health risks to your family and pets.

The curb appeal of your home is also not so nice when you have moss or algae on it. Insurance companies can also cancel your homeowners policy if your roof is not clean. They don't give you much notice either sometimes they might even give you a weeks notice to have it cleaned. It's important to have a true professional clean your roof to prevent damage to your home. Cleaning your roof makes your home feel beautiful again.

By having your roof cleaned regularly by a professional you are preventing future damage to your home which may develop by not having it cleaned. Also by having algae on your roof you are paying more money to cool your home since the algae is absorbing the heat. The growth of algae and moss also will attract animals to your home sometimes causing them to enter into your attic or chimney.